Preparation for Reading and Writing in Preschool Education

These are the activities that are recommended to be carried out in small or large groups. It can also be prepared individually, taking into account children’s interests and developmental characteristics.

Preparation studies for primary education; It is a whole of studies in which children are equally supported in all areas such as social-emotional, physical, cognitive, language and self-care skills during the time they attend kindergarten (3-5 years old). The studies to be carried out in this field should cover all areas of development from the first day the child started kindergarten and should be added to each other. Many years are required for the child to fully acquire a skill. In other words, contrary to the general understanding, preparatory studies for primary education are not just one-year studies conducted in preparatory activities for preschoolers. The whole 3-5 age program is also a preparatory program for primary education. School maturity can only be achieved in this way.

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